When “Stranger Things” introduces a new character, it’sStranger Things Season 4: Release Date, Cast, And Other Major Details Back in September, the official Stranger Things Twitter account discharged a mystery video affirmingWarning: Spoilers for Stranger Things season 3 are ahead

Stranger Things 4 might be over a year away from returning to Netflix, but the excitement for the newStranger Things 4 might be over a year away from returning to Netflix, but the excitement for the newStranger Things 3 ending: Post-credits scene, Hopper, season 4

The Duffer Brothers seem pretty aware when it comes to the Stranger Things audience

There will be a Stranger Things season 4, but it won't be next summerWhile season 4 hasn’t been confirmed yet, the post-credits scene opening in Russia sets up the possibility that next season“I think [season 2] will be a satisfying end but there’s still danger out there, - September 30, 2019 -- Netflix has renewed the worldwide

The wait for Stranger Things season three is almost over, but we're already thinking about a possible season four! The hit Netflix series took almost two years between🎶 Let's do the time jump again

STRANGER THINGS - The Duffer BrosThere are a lot of different things young kids can look up to as far as quality role models go! Stranger Things, Season 3 Premiere, Thursday, July 4, NetflixStranger Things 3 features an after-credits scene that raises questions about the Upside Down, the Demogorgon, Jim Hopper, Dr

I’m not going to ruin how season three ended for anybody who might not have seen it yet, but there are a lot of options from here going forward

In July 2016 the first season fell, and in October of 2017, the second one andSeason three of Stranger Things hits Netflix on July 4, and like many people, I cannot wait

Say There Will Be “Justice for Barb” in Season 2 The Duffer BrosReally, that’s it

As a whole, Season 3 couldn't be moreThis "Stranger Things" Theory About What's Going To Happen In Season 4 Is Honestly Flaying My Freakin' Mind If you know your '80s history, it'll make total sense! Posted

The Stranger Things' writers account has been teasing the title of Season 4, Episode 1: it's called The Hellfire Club, which Marvel fans will know from the X-Men comics

Stranger Things series three dropped on Netflix last week - here's everything you need to know about season fourWe’re sad to see the third

With the way season 3 of Stranger Things ended, season 4 of the show was expected, but we hadn't gotten any confirmation until now

Stranger Things is streaming now on

Stranger Things season two picks up a year after the events of season oneNetflix's supernatural hit 'Stranger Things' was a little too repetitive in Season 2, but

With the third season of Stranger Things now released on Netflix, it was only a matter of time before the Internet got to theorizing about all the possible storylinesStranger Things Season 4 Release Date, Future Plot and more

However, two outlets are now reporting that there will only be one more visit to Hawkins, Indiana, with Stranger Things Season 4re: Stranger Things Season 4- Chapter One: The Hellfire Club Posted by Dr RC on 11/6/19 at 10:42 pm to TheeRealCarolina How is that a middle finger to Disney? HellfireDiscover original designs including the upside downSeason 3 was released on Netflix at the start of the month and stars Millie Bobby