Easy-to-see black buttons with bold, 2cm tall, white numbers

The Big EZ remote is pre-programmed to work with your set-top box or DTA and television; however, if you need to program your remoteWith Big Button Remotes, yourNumber on Remote Control: Seki Grande

The remote that came with it (RC-71H) has far too many tiny buttons and tooOrder a new remote online from Viano

Easiphone has a great range of big button phones and big button mobile phones, many which have features which make them especially easy to use for the elderly, partiallyIt features Big Buttons and is simple to

Big buttons, large screensThe large-button remote is a third-party device, offered free of charge, that delivers

Need large button remote due to visual impairmentPress STB once, then TV once

Only 6 key buttons; On/Off, Channel

No more pressing the wrong button or fumbling with multiple remotes"He wanted to watch one channel, which was the Golf Channel, and he couldn't get there," said Pitkow, who grew up in Bala Cynwyd

One dementia-caregiver commented, "Easy to set up with Mom's TV

Buttons, zapper, hoofer doofer – whatever you call it, the remote control is a handy little gadget

No more pressing the wrong button or fumbling with multiple remotesTypical TV remotes feature a ton of tiny buttons, all thrown

Her eyesight is failing and she

And the buttons are simple

Flipper Remote PLUS is an easy-to-use large button universal remote built for elderly or partially-sighted users

up and use for them in home use as they have large home and are elderly and wanted toThe one for all tv zapper remote control is very well designed, it has a comfortable grip and stability on your table

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Can the remotes for the mini box be gotten in a more elderly friendly versionFind helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Tek Pal - Large Button TV Remote Control at Amazon